This tutorial shall guide you about how to how to start Windows 10 in Safe mode. Windows 10 no longer allows the user to enter the safe mode by pressing F8 on the keyboard. In this tutorial, you will learn about the adept method to start Windows 10 in Safe Mode:

Step 1

On the sign-in screen of Windows 10, press and hold the SHIFT key and tap the power button. In the menu, click Restart.

Step 2

When the Windows 10 restarts, select Troubleshoot in the options menu.

Step 3

On the Troubleshoot screen, select the Advanced option.

Step 4

On the Advanced options screen, choose Startup Settings.

Step 5

On the Startup Settings screen, choose Enable Safe Mode and press Restart.

Step 6

After the restart, the Windows 10 will log into Safe Mode.

Last modified: July 2, 2019



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