Your email address and password are likely to be leaked when a website you’ve registered on is hacked. If you use this same information on that website as others, you might be a victim of data theft. This is the reason why security experts recommend you use a different password for every site you join. You need to frequently check whether your email address or password have not been compromised if you want to remain safe online. In this article, we’ll be sharing three websites to help you know if your password has been stolen.

1.     Have I Been Pwned?

Have I Been Pwned is an excellent resource that let you know if your password has been stolen! This site works hard to track down breaches, and capture data so you can check it out. To use this website, head to the main page and search for your email address or username. The result tells you whether your email address or username has ever appeared in a breached database. You need to change the password of that accounts if your email or username comes up.

You can also search for a password to see if it has ever appeared in a leak. Navigate to the Pwned Passwords page, type a password you want to search in the box, and then click on the “pwned.” You’ll see if the password is in one of the breach databases and how many times it’s been seen. If it says you have been seen, change the email account password immediately. You can click the “Notify me” link at the top of the page and enter your email address if you want to get an email notification should your email address, or username appears in a future leak.

2.     BreachAlarm

BreachAlarm is similar to its competitor Have I Been Pwned. The website offers free email checking service. After you enter your email in the search box, BreachAlarm will scan through the Internet for any stolen passwords that hackers have posted online. Besides, the service also offers paid-for notification and protective services you can use.

BreachAlarm will send you a warning email if the password corresponding to a listed email address is published online in the future. This enables users to react and change their passwords quickly before something dramatic happens. BreachAlarm also has a business section suitable for business users. Here you can enter your company domains and have them checked for a possible data breach. With a few clicks, you can know how many employee accounts have been affected.

3.     Dashlane

Dashlane is a password manager app available on PC, Mac, iOS and Android that alert you if one of your passwords has been compromised. Dashlane monitors all security breach news and then uses this information to identify any of its users that have accounts on the hacked domain.

The process of setting up Dashlane is easy. Just download and install the Dashlane app on your device. When you install Dashlane on your device, it will search your all browsers and apps for any stored passwords and transfer them into the program. From that moment, Dashlane will start tracking it for any security breach or threat and notify you immediately to change your password should you have a compromised.

What Do I Do If My Email Or Password Has Been Stolen?

There’s never a 100% guarantee that your account hasn’t been hacked, but the three websites above we provide you with reliable information and check whether your email or password has been compromised. If these websites don’t find anything, the possibility that unauthorized persons have access to your account is minimal. However, don’t panic if you’ve become a victim of data theft. Just change your password immediately.

Last modified: July 2, 2019



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