Brave is a browser built to make the World Wide Web safer for website visitors and improving overall experience while browsing the Internet. Brave gives its user the ability to earn cryptocurrency for browsing the web. But does it worth using? Read on to find out the answer to this question and everything else you need to know about the Brave browser.

What Is Brave Browser?

Brave is like a standard web browser founded by CEO Brendan Eich and CTO Brian Bondy that lets users navigate through the Internet and display content. The browser incorporates a lot of the technology as the creators are ultimately looking to what works for everyone without necessarily hoarding your data. The amazing part of this browser is that it’s anti-ad, and it respects your privacy.

What Makes Brave Different From Other Browsers?

What sets Brave apart is its anti-ad attitude. The browser was built to scratched-out online ads from websites and strip replaces the scratched-out ads with ads from its own network. If users agree to replace those ads with anonymous ads from the Brave network, Brave will reward users with its own bitcoin-style “cryptocurrency” known as Basic Attention Tokens or BAT. Beside, Brave users can also voluntarily donate cryptocurrency tokens to website owners as they browse the web.

Why You Should Use Brave Browser

Brave presents hope for a new version of the Internet, where ads are entirely harmless, and users can decide whether or not they want to see ads without having to worry about being denied access to web content. In any case, here are several reasons why you should choose Brave as your regular web browser.

  • Ads Blocking: Instead of just loading any annoying ads as other browsers do, Brave blocks third-party ads by default and replace it with Brave-approved ads that benefit both you and content creators should you opt to see ads in exchange for cryptocurrency.
  • Respect your privacy: Some ads or malware try to steal your personal data, but Brave ensures that this does not happen. Brave browser not only protects your data against malware or ads but also blocks the extensive tracking that advertising networks perform.
  • Fast Browsing: Brave should be your choice if you have a better Internet but didn’t enjoy fast browsing. Brave load faster when compared to other browsers because it prevents third-party ads, and as a result, the browser has less content to download.
  • Redirects websites to HTTPS: Brave ensures its users take the safest routes possible when browsing the World Wide Web. In an attempt to beef up your security, Brave integrated HTTPS as far as the virtual eye can see.

How To Get Brave Browser?

The Brave browser is available for Windows, Mac, or Linux computers and can be downloaded for free from the official Brave website. The browser also works on iOS and Android phones. It’s available on the Google Play store and Apple App store. Brave supports most of the browser extensions you were using with your previous browser, so you’re not missing out.

Last modified: June 23, 2019



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